NOTEBOOK: Little Known Author is Sorry


Yesterday got kind of out of hand. Chapter 27 is a turning point chapter in the book. It has to cover several points, but I only realised which points these were gradually, over time, and that meant rewrites, adding bits, cutting other bits, and sometimes complete rewriting.

So I can see how this would make for a confusing and frustrating experience, and I am sorry about that. I’m working on finding a new, clearer way to indicate draft versions/numbers, or something so you always know, going in, where you are with the story. But if you have some helpful suggestions, do please let me know. I’m making this up as I go.

Part of the trouble is that sometimes I rewrite the entire thing from a blank page, while other times I just touch up the existing text here and there. Sometimes it just needs a new ending, or enhancements to an existing paragraph. There’s “spackling and patching” and then there’s “major eathworks”. If you you only tweak an existing chapter a little, you’d feel silly calling that a second draft. So would that be a 1.5 draft? 1.2 draft?

I do know that there are some people out there who are reading GOOD INTENTIONS, and for that I am grateful. Thank you, and I am working on ways to make this whole system work better.

Ultimate, Final, No-Kidding-This-Time, Version Chapter 27 Finished

NOTEBOOK: Final, Final, Version Ch 27 Finished–Yay

It’s after 2am, and have just done last 1000 words with one finger because other hand is busy snuggling Mrs Sweetie. Tough job, but I’m up up for it!

This chapter has seen some things today. Most of what’s gone in has been enhancing existing material, filling in obvious gaps, and character moments that add some welcome flesh to the rubbery figures otherwise running. In particular I’m pleased with how Fiona is coming along. She is seen from a wide variety of angles in different roles, and even in different timelines–and here goes mad kidnapper/hostage taker to turning up on Rob’s doorstep in need of his hospitality.

I think at this point we have now finished Act 2, so we’re entering Act 3. Much of which is going to feature a lot of Robbie in Older Rob talking out the problems they have, and Rob and/or Fiona also talking to Fiona.

In amongst all this I need to explain where Fiona got hold of all the mil-spec psy-ops gear. Which I’ve been sitting on for some time, and been waiting for a good time to bring it in. There’s this “mad as a cut snake” guy she knows (the one who imagines she owes him money) who runs a secret darkweb emporium of mil-spec blackmarker stuff called Ted’s Shed.

Anyway, this guy is basically a little jar of Plot Juice, who’s crazy and well-funded, and is geared up and prepared to do things. So he could be fun in the final act.

Anyway, this definitely final, final, final version of this chapter is cooling its heels in You Know Where, along with all the ones!

New, Better Version Chapter 27 Available Now

NOTEBOOK: New Version Chapter 27 Available

I wasn’t completely happy with chapter 27 last night so today I’ve been working on it, adding a new section at the end, and general spackling and patching throughout.

It’s also been a day when I’d just about rather be eating jellyfish on toast than writing (which is saying something for me). Hope things vim-wise pick up soon. I have a few ideas about what’s going on, so at least that’s something. Things to talk about with my many and various doctors, no doubt!

Meanwhile, if you’re at all interested, the new version of the chapter is here. Hope you like it!

NOTEBOOK: Chapter 27 Complete (Total Rewrite)

NOTEBOOK: Chapter 27, MK-ULTRA, Complete

Many years ago, when I was quite new on the Internet, I found huge depositories of documents on all kinds of interesting things. There was one about UFO research and alien abduction research that was interesting (especially for the question of why people got so worked up about them), but there was this other repository about mind-control as a form of psychological warfare, and the research behind it. I read lots and lots about this. I figured it would come in handy one day. And lo!

Hope you like it. This version of the chapter turned out way better, imho. I was as surprised as anyone to learn that Grown-Up Rob, the Future Bastard, has written a book called STATIC! Wow! Had no idea! 🙂

Usual place.

Chapter 27 Underway, and 60K!

NOTEBOOK: Chapter 27 Underway, and 60K Milestone

Tonight I embarked on chapter 27, which looks like it could be the beginning of Act 3 at last. Am not sure. Older Rob goes to visit retired Detective Longley to talk about Things and Stuff, including Top Tips for breaking and entering a house.

Tonight’s scribbling also took me past the milestone of 60K words, which pleases me very much. I’ve been aiming towards 80K-ish, but am not sure. I was also aiming to make this a YA novel, but it seems like half of it has adult narrators and points of view, so maybe it’s not. I don’t know a lot about the form. In any case, 60,000 words is an excellent total to finish the weekend on.

Usual place, and scroll allllllll the way down. It’s a loooong way!

New Complete Chapter 26 Now Available

NOTEBOOK: New, Finished Version Chapter 26 All Done

Have now completed work on chapter 26 after cutting a bunch and adding about a thousand words, mostly to the end. Now all embettered and engoodened.

Am still feeling weirdly under-chipper, though. Normally these minor-to-moderate brushes with the black dog only ever last a few days to a week, but this one has been lingering for a few weeks now. I’m feeling a definite force of friction when going about my daily business, and particularly with my writing, which I think is why there isn’t quite as much of it as there was for a while there. My aim continues to be for at least a finished piece of something each day, because I’m still trying to inculcate a daily writing habit (chop wood, carry water), even when I’m not bursting with inspiration.

I think it’s also very possible that I’m just plain tired after all the work I’ve done here these past three months without a break. So I choose to be okay with one post a day as me being on a kind of holiday.

Meanwhile, exciting new version of chapter 26 is you know where.

Chapter 26, Castaway, Now Available

Chapter 26, Castaway, Now Available

Someone dumps the clinically dead, much abused, body of a young man at the emergency department of a big hospital at 2am one night. Through heroic measures the young man’s life is saved–but he has no memory at all. No name, nothing. But he does have tonnes of unprocessed trauma, and that starts to come out. He gets moved to a psych hospital. Meets a girl named Fiona, who shouldn’t be there, and he kind of/sort of can feel the wrongness of this.

Anyway, things afoot. It’s not finished, but what’s here is already second-draft.

Have a poke in usual place.

Chapter 25, Poison, Now Available

NOTEBOOK: Chapter 25, Poison, Complete

I am jolly well pleased to report to you that I have a nice long chewy new chapter 25 for the novel today. Over 2000 words, a total rewrite of the material I did have, and no real trouble coming up with it. I started it while waiting in the doctor’s waiting room this morning, kept going in the cafe later, and the rest just now while sitting here on the couch at home listening to my KPop playlist on Spotify. All good. I think my head is settling after recent family-related disturbance, so with a bit of luck the writing will come back to something like previous frequency and maybe quantity as well.

Today’s chapter is Future Bastard writing a 5am journal entry, full of profound doubt about what he’s doing, what he should do, and so on. We’re coming up on the end of Act 2, so there’s a lot of moving furniture going on behind the scenes as I prepare for that.

Chapters to come will include the meeting with the ex-detective Lockley, a bit with Rob’s mum from 1979 visiting the 2017 future so he can take her to a day spa, and of course the meeting with Fiona. I’m thinking about another chapter with Robbie, who’s still badly disassociated, maybe.

New chapter, usual place, scroll all the way down.

The Facebook Time Travellers Support Group


I was at the pool today, slogging out my laps, but I was also thinking about my GOOD INTENTIONS book, and the more I thought about it, the more I thought I need to rewrite what I have of Chapter 25 from the ground up. It’s not that what I already have there is bad, but I can see how it can be much better.

So I was thinking about this. And one of the things I was turning over in my head is that this chapter is meant to be a glimpse into “Future Bastard” Rob’s “World of the Future” (ie, July-August 2017), and feature some of his extremely mundane dreary reality. I gestured at a few things in the first draft, but today at the pool it occurred to me that I missed one big thing, especially for a guy who spends a lot of time staring at his phone.

He’d be checking Facebook. I write that he hasn’t slept for three days, so what’s he been doing? One thing any regular person these days would be doing would be reading social media stuff on their phones, and most likely Facebook.

Then it occurred to me that there would be Facebook groups for time travellers.

And that those groups would be locked and moderated because trolls would use time machines to be even worse bastards than they would be otherwise.

Rob belongs to the Time Travellers Support Group on Facebook, which is closed and locked, and you have to apply for admission, and use a pseudonym. A group for people who have extremely complex feelings about “TT” and its presence in their lives. Rob has a lot to talk about, for and against. I am still trying to decide if Fiona would also be in this group, but thinking maybe not. Rob’s Fiona might have been, but the Fiona in the story is from a different timeline, so perhaps not.

Rob’s dominant theme in this chapter is (a) how he feels like a total failure who ruins everything he touches, yet has to rescue Young Robbie, no matter what. He’s desperately scared of Robbie getting killed.

He’s also desperately scared of Fiona, and is worried about her mysterious offer. He’s inclined to accept it, whatever it is if it means the boy goes free. He has no memory of his captivity, or his release. The entire period is a blank.

Also: there would be a lot of “micro-time travel” where your “ten seconds in the future” self, who would also have access to your Facebook and Twitter accounts, would scroll back and stop you posting that embarrassing photo or comment or remark that otherwise would cost you your job or girlfriend.

Thought, too, that some employers in an age of universal time travel would make workers work insanely long hours through the use of time machines, and you’d have to use them as well to get your rest. You’d always be in time-debt. Some employers would find a way to bill you or dock your pay for the time you spent sleeping on company-issued time machines.

I’ll write up the new version of this chapter later tonight or tomorrow, but I wanted to have something to show for myself today, even though am still feeling very Low Ebb, melancholy. It’s nothing serious, just glum. A head cold, but in my mind. The main symptom is a dampening effect in my writing circuits, which is bugging me. But there is also Family Trouble going on in the background of sufficient size and seriousness that my essential equilibrium is disturbed. Once that settles down again, I’ll be fine again, too.