Chapter 18 (first draft) now available

It’s 2:15am and I’ve just completed a lean and mean new chapter 18 in GOOD INTENTIONS where the protagonist creates an opening that might lead him to maybe rescue himself, depending on a range of factors. It was a fun chapter to write, and I remain indebted to that one episode of THE AMAZING RACE which visited the temple I’m thinking of, with all the monkeys.

Here is the link to the page with all the chapters so far, with ch18 at the bottom. I imagine a clever thing to do if I find myself with a lot of time on my hands would be to re-list these from highest to lowest, so the latest is always on top. Will think about that. Meanwhile, we’re pretty much at the halfway point now, btw! How awesome is that? 🙂

Chapter 17 (Time Capsule) Second Draft

I’ve spent much of the day rewriting much of chapter 17, engoodening and patching and spackling generally. It’s now the biggest chapter of the book, but that’s fine as I think it’s also one of the most pivotal. Big things happen here. Grown-up Robbie, “Future Bastard” himself, meets up with his 1979 parents for dinner, and a bit of simple iPhone app-based time-travel. I think the book is about halfway now.

The link I’m posting is to the page with all the chapters so far on it. You should just be able to scroll down to ch17. If a direct link straight to the chapter itself would work better, I can look into that instead.

New improved link for accessing GOOD INTENTIONS chapters

I’ve just been informed that the link,to my website with my novel chapters that I’ve been providing have not been going to the page with the actual chapters, but just to the site’s front page. That page does have a button that will take you to the chapters, but I should just take you there to start with. So with that in mind, here is that link with all the chaptery goodness. All the chapters, all the time.

I’m sorry I’ve failed to notice this problem before this late date. I’m indebted to friend Lorraine Kelly for pointing it out. Thank you!

First draft chapter 17 “Time Capsule” now available

I’ve spent all my time since getting back from the pool today working on this long chapter in which Future Bastard meets up with protagonist’s parents, and has a particularly meaningful scene with Mum, who gets to experience small-scale iPhone app-powered time travel.

This chapter is in the usual place on my website. Is this a reasonable way to access them? Should I do this differently? Let me know if you have any constructive ideas.

Chapter 16 total rewrite (much better) now available

It’s 2:30am and I’ve just finished a longer, fuller, expanded rewrite of the chapter 16 that I posted earlier. It came out much better this time, I think, as is often the way with at least my rewrites.

One concern with the rewrite is that I had to leave out one crucial plot development that I was quite pleased about in the first version. Expect to see it next time I return to Dad’s POV. I have a scene with him and Future Bastard in the works, so I should be able to deal with that item there.

If you’re reading along, thank you!

If you’re looking for the chapter, it’s in the usual place on the website.

Chapter 16 (first draft) now available

I’ve just finished work on chapter 16, this one from the protagonist’s tormented father’s point of view. I may work on this some more later. As well as some further background plot developments moving things along, there’s also a welcome bit of news that casts doubt on a revelation from an earlier chapter, and might also provide some relief. Someone, though, is going to be very angry when he finds out.

On the website, usual location.

Chapter 15 uploaded

I’ve just completed work on chapter 15 of the novel, and uploaded it to the GOOD INTENTIONS tab on my website. In this chapter Robbie finds himself kidnapped and in extremely unfamiliar territory, in more ways than one–and wearing undies that are one size too small. Oops! I had no idea undies would be such a feature of this book! We also learn the fate of Zonk, which leads Robbie to an apocalyptic moment of commitment.