Wait a minute! You were banging on about mental illness, but now there’s this GOOD INTENTIONS thing–what’s that?

GOOD INTENTIONS, I hope, is a story. First actual fiction I’ve written since 2014. Kinda nervous about it. Premise arose from one of my memoir essays, so I thought I might explore it in fiction. The protagonist is based on teenage me, and has the same bipolar disorder and troubles.

Who the heck am I and why the heck am I banging on and on about mental illness all the time?

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Who the heck are you, anyway?

I’m Adrian Bedford. I’m an Australian writer, mostly of science fiction/crime novels. I live in a northern suburb of Perth, Western Australia, with my wife Michelle, and my dog Freckle. At this writing (May 2017) I’m 54 years old.

What the heck are you doing with all this mental illness wibble every day?

I’m talking about my life. I’ve had bipolar disorder all my life. I can’t imagine life without it anymore than a fish could imagine life without water. I’m also talking about it in sometimes extremely personal detail because people, and men in particular, can be reluctant to talk about this illness. There has always been a stigma attached to mental illness, which is starting to shift in recent years. I am hoping to add to that effort.

So you’re a writer? What have you written that I might have read and/or heard of?

I’ve had six books published. You probably haven’t heard of them or read them, though I know some folks have.

ORBITAL BURN (2004), Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing

ECLIPSE (2005), Edge




BLACK LIGHT (2015), Fremantle Press

Why the sudden urge to talk about your illness all the time?

I’m a writer who has not written anything in a long, long time. I’m now coming out of a years-long depressive phase in which I struggled with writing, and felt lousy about my career generally. I fell silent, and couldn’t imagine writing anything ever again.

Then last year, the thing I keep coming back to, I spent nearly half the year in a psychiatric hospital, a long time in which I had a lot of time to think. And I thought about writing about what I was going through, and in turn about my whole life with the illness, how it’s been part of everything I’ve done, and everything I’ve written. In ordinary daily life I do my best to appear “normal”, but inside I’m always ill. I am a fish who knows its in water.


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