NOTEBOOK: Royalties

NOTEBOOK: Royalties

Ladies and Germs, I got paid today! I got paid quite a bit, even. Royalties for BLACK LIGHT turned up, which means that two years after the book’s publication it has earned out its advance and is now a profit-making little machine for the publisher, and for me.

Today I found out that in the first half of this year 329 copies of the BLACK LIGHT ebook were sold, and a whopping 2 copies of the beautiful trade paperback were also sold.

I am astonished. For years and years I have not received royalties for anything. The only money I have made from the book business has been either from selling books,to publishers (infrequent) or from Public Lending Right, the royalties-like money authors get in exchange for people borrowing their books from libraries. PLR money has been my lot for a long time. So this today has been wonderful! It would not be stretching the point or engaging in hyperbole to describe it as an actual thrill!

I took Michelle out to lunch.

For the last few years I have felt increasingly like a failure as a writer, for many and complicated reasons (fed, too, by growing anxiety and depression, all those screaming, lying voices whirling around in my head at all times), and this financial situation, the lack of money has been a big part of that. It has felt like drowning, like finding oneself in water so deep and dark and cold you can no longer see where the sun might be.

But this, today, felt like breaking back to the surface, and seeing daylight.

PS: if any of those 331 sales are from people who have bought my book in response to reading my writing here on my website, THANK YOU! I appreciate your support. It means the world.

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