Ultimate, Final, No-Kidding-This-Time, Version Chapter 27 Finished

NOTEBOOK: Final, Final, Version Ch 27 Finished–Yay

It’s after 2am, and have just done last 1000 words with one finger because other hand is busy snuggling Mrs Sweetie. Tough job, but I’m up up for it!

This chapter has seen some things today. Most of what’s gone in has been enhancing existing material, filling in obvious gaps, and character moments that add some welcome flesh to the rubbery figures otherwise running. In particular I’m pleased with how Fiona is coming along. She is seen from a wide variety of angles in different roles, and even in different timelines–and here goes mad kidnapper/hostage taker to turning up on Rob’s doorstep in need of his hospitality.

I think at this point we have now finished Act 2, so we’re entering Act 3. Much of which is going to feature a lot of Robbie in Older Rob talking out the problems they have, and Rob and/or Fiona also talking to Fiona.

In amongst all this I need to explain where Fiona got hold of all the mil-spec psy-ops gear. Which I’ve been sitting on for some time, and been waiting for a good time to bring it in. There’s this “mad as a cut snake” guy she knows (the one who imagines she owes him money) who runs a secret darkweb emporium of mil-spec blackmarker stuff called Ted’s Shed.

Anyway, this guy is basically a little jar of Plot Juice, who’s crazy and well-funded, and is geared up and prepared to do things. So he could be fun in the final act.

Anyway, this definitely final, final, final version of this chapter is cooling its heels in You Know Where, along with all the ones!

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