New Complete Chapter 26 Now Available

NOTEBOOK: New, Finished Version Chapter 26 All Done

Have now completed work on chapter 26 after cutting a bunch and adding about a thousand words, mostly to the end. Now all embettered and engoodened.

Am still feeling weirdly under-chipper, though. Normally these minor-to-moderate brushes with the black dog only ever last a few days to a week, but this one has been lingering for a few weeks now. I’m feeling a definite force of friction when going about my daily business, and particularly with my writing, which I think is why there isn’t quite as much of it as there was for a while there. My aim continues to be for at least a finished piece of something each day, because I’m still trying to inculcate a daily writing habit (chop wood, carry water), even when I’m not bursting with inspiration.

I think it’s also very possible that I’m just plain tired after all the work I’ve done here these past three months without a break. So I choose to be okay with one post a day as me being on a kind of holiday.

Meanwhile, exciting new version of chapter 26 is you know where.

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