Chapter 27 Underway, and 60K!

NOTEBOOK: Chapter 27 Underway, and 60K Milestone

Tonight I embarked on chapter 27, which looks like it could be the beginning of Act 3 at last. Am not sure. Older Rob goes to visit retired Detective Longley to talk about Things and Stuff, including Top Tips for breaking and entering a house.

Tonight’s scribbling also took me past the milestone of 60K words, which pleases me very much. I’ve been aiming towards 80K-ish, but am not sure. I was also aiming to make this a YA novel, but it seems like half of it has adult narrators and points of view, so maybe it’s not. I don’t know a lot about the form. In any case, 60,000 words is an excellent total to finish the weekend on.

Usual place, and scroll allllllll the way down. It’s a loooong way!

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