I’m just about finished the memoir project. The first draft should be finished this week, or possibly sooner. After that I will move all the posts into a Word document and start work on rewrites for the second draft. I won’t be posting the rewrites publicly, as these will go towards the manuscript that I will eventually try to get published as a book.

I do plan to try to keep posting here every day, using this page as an online writer’s journal, which is how it started out. I started this project on 19 May, and have not missed a day since, sometimes managing three pieces a day! I believe there are now more than 90 entries! I have enjoyed writing like this like nothing I’ve experienced since I was a boy, and in some ways this has been even better since now I feel healthy and enthusiastic. When I was a boy, and spending the entire day and a lot of the night at my typewriter, I was in a lot of back and neck pain from the chair I was using, and of course I was out of my tiny mind on mania. I could no sooner have stopped trying to write than I could stop my heart beating. My writing here, though, has made me feel alive and well. It’s been a genuine pleasure.

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