Am wondering I should change my site name to TOO MUCH INFORMATION, considering what I’m writing about. If you have a view, let me know, please!

Also, I’m working on adding a page with links and details about my published books so far, and how to find them.

Is there anything else I should add?


  1. My vote is to keep “Little Known Author”. Although writing about your experience with mental illness is a huge deal (and thank you for sharing it with us) I wouldn’t want that to become what defines you, if you know what I mean.

    Not that, as an author, you should be defined as “little known” either! But “Little Known Author” has a humble ring to it and yet still speaks to what you have accomplished (your many published titles) despite being bipolar. I think it is more suitable to keep by far.

    1. Hi Shai! Fab to hear from you! 😀 Thank you for weighing in. Other comments I’ve received have said much the same thing, that I should keep the original title, and that works for me. 🙂

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